Pet and Baby Portraiture 

 “All creatures have souls and it is my job to express this soul in their portrait.”- Amanda 


Chalk Pastel
Acrylic on Canvas
Oil on Canvas

Does not include Pa sales tax of 6%
Prices by Medium.  Variation due to price of materials, amount of materials and time to build up painting to final form.
*Don’t see the size you want?  Just ask!*

Paste/ Charcoal:
Matting/Framing extra based on cost of frame at customer choice.  
8 x 10: $15011 x 14: $200

16 x 20: $250

20 x 24: $300

Acrylic on Canvas:

11 x 14: $250

12 x 16: $300

16 x 20: $350

24 x 36: $400


Oil on Canvas:

11 x 14: $400

12 x 16: $450

16 x 20: $500

24 x 36: $550


**Discounts given on bulk orders**

Art Work Testimonials
Although I have known Miss Nestle all her life, several years ago her owner (a close personal friend of mine) asked if I would be willing to take her in because at the time she was not getting along with another dog in the house. I of course said yes and Nes has been living in the lap of luxury ever since. I was made Dogfather, then funny enough, Godfather in the same family. Since she has become such an important part of my life and my extended family’s lives, I wanted a piece that brought out her friendly personality and Amanda put together a wonderful charcoal drawing, which I have since had framed. I have always liked charcoal drawings and how they can appear very simple on the surface, but when you take the time to really look at them, they are quite complex. Thank you very much Amanda, this was a wonderful edition to my art collection. Kiernan Schalk

I first got one of Amanda’s wonderful paintings as a birthday gift from my sister. It was of my precious Yorkie. She was able to capture his sweet personality in such a beautiful and lasting way. I just loved it. Shortly after my daughter developed a life threatening allergy to cats and we had to re-home our two cats that we have had in the home for years. My kids were just devastated. I had Amanda do two more painting, one of each cat, and gave them as Christmas present to the kids. They were so excited they put the paintings on the wall by their beds so they can see them each night when they go to bed. Her paintings are so life like and beautiful and all for a great price. The comfort she was able to bring to my family through her paintings is something I will never be able to repay but I know I will be having her do more in the future!- Shelby Alterio




“Amanda produces very good work at a reasonable price.  I loved my drawings very much and they are hanging on my wall.  One portrait I had done for a friend.  It was of her horse.  They loved it and said it looks just like their horse.” Chelsea Reich

“Amanda’s artwork is sensational…she not only captured the personalities of my dogs, but also created a beautiful piece of art for a family member.  Amanda spends a lot of time on each piece and focuses on details.  She has an amazing talent that she showcases beautifully!” Erin Marie Schaeffer


“Amanda has produced two stunning portraits of my dog, Lennon.  She has been able to capture his whimsical nature beautifully.  In fact, I recently commissioned a portrait of my cat too!  She is so good with animals I challenged her to make a portrait of my friends 1970’s BMW.  He loves it and proudly displays it in his bedroom!”
 Rachel Peterson

Last year for Christmas my husband and I wanted to order a portrait of Highness (the pony our daughter was learning to ride).  The piece Amanda did was lovely and really brought out the pony’s sweet personality.  We also found Amanda’s pricing to be very reasonable for the size of the portrait.  We thought Amanda was really great to work with.  Our daughter loves the portrait and has it hanging in her room!”  Shannon McChesney Burngart

** All rights reserved.  Miena Kay Etc may copy, distribute and display all commissioned portraiture **

Amanda Kunkel
Lemont, Pa